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Practical Forensic Analysis of Artifacts on iOS and Android Devices

Investigating Complex Mobile Devices

Paperback Engels 2022 9781484280256
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Leverage foundational concepts and practical skills in mobile device forensics to perform forensically sound criminal investigations involving the most complex mobile devices currently available on the market. Using modern tools and techniques, this book shows you how to conduct a structured investigation process to determine the nature of the crime and to produce results that are useful in criminal proceedings.

You’ll walkthrough the various phases of the mobile forensics process for both Android and iOS-based devices, including forensically extracting, collecting, and analyzing data and producing and disseminating reports. Practical cases and labs involving specialized hardware and software illustrate practical application and performance of data acquisition (including deleted data) and the analysis of extracted information. You'll also gain an advanced understanding of computer forensics, focusing on mobile devices and other devices not classifiable as laptops, desktops, or servers.

This book is your pathway to developing the critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and technical writing skills necessary to effectively work in a junior-level digital forensic or cybersecurity analyst role.

What You'll Learn
-Acquire and investigate data from mobile devices using forensically sound, industry-standard tools
-Understand the relationship between mobile and desktop devices in criminal and corporate investigations
-Analyze backup files and artifacts for forensic evidence

Who This Book Is For
Forensic examiners with little or basic experience in mobile forensics or open source solutions for mobile forensics. The book will also be useful to anyone seeking a deeper understanding of mobile internals.


Trefwoorden:Android, iOS, mobile devices
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Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Chapter 1 Introduction to Mobile Forensic Analysis
-The Importance of Mobile Forensic Analysis
-Understanding mobile forensics
-Challenges in mobile forensics
-Tools used for mobile forensics
-The mobile phone evidence extraction process
-Examination and analysis
-Rules of evidence
-Practical Mobile Forensic

Chapter 2 Introduction to IOS Forensics IOS Boot Process -IOS Architecture
-IOS Security
-Understanding Jailbreaking
-Data Acquisition from iOS Devices
-Data Acquisition from iOS Backups
-iOS Data Analysis and Recovery
-Mobile Forensics Investigation Challenges on iOS
iOS Forensic Tools -Summary

Chapter 3 Introduction to Android Forensics
-Understanding Android
-Application framework
-Android runtime
-Linux Kernel
-Android Forensic Setup and Pre-Data Extraction Techniques
-Android Data Extraction Techniques
-Android Data Analysis and Recovery
-Android App rooting process and techniques

Chapter 4 Forensic Investigations of Popular Applications on Android and iOS platforms
-Case & Investigator Details
-Investigations of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp applications
Details of the device seized for examination -Results and Analysis

Chapter 5 Forensic Analysis of Telegram Messenger on iOS and Android Smartphones Case Study
-Literature Review
-Methodology and Experiment Setup
-Evidences Acquisition
-Evidences Processing and Analysis

Chapter 6 Detecting Private Data Leaks Over Mobile Applications Using Mobile Forensic Techniques
-Legal Issues Regarding the Local Electronic Crimes Law & Mobile Forensics
-Details of the reporting agency and tools used in the examination
-Description of steps taken during examination
-Chain of custody documentation
-Details of findings or issues identified
-Evidence recovered during the examination, ranging from chat messages
-Images captured during the examination
-Examination and analysis information

Chapter 7 Impact of iPhone Jailbreaking on User Data Integrity in Mobile Forensics
Mobile Forensics
User Data Integrity in Mobile Forensics
Jailbreaking’s affect on iOS
Data acquisition
Logical acquisition
Filesystem acquisition
Experiment Details and Tools
Data Extraction
Extracted data before jailbreak
Extracted data after jailbreak

Chapter 8 The Impact of Cryptocurrency Mining on Mobile Devices
-Cryptocurrency mining
-Measurement and work mechanism
-Tools, programs, and applications used in cryptocurrency mining
Experiment and analogy by iPhone 6s -Experiment and analogy by LG g5
-Results and Analysis

Chapter 9 Mobile Forensic Investigation for WhatsApp
-WhatsApp Architecture
-WhatsApp Experiment
-Tools used in the seizure process
-Analysis Stage
-Examination on a backup taken by iTunes
-Examination on a backup taken from the connected device
-Forensic Tools comparison

Chapter 10 Cloud Computing Forensics: Dropbox Case Study
-Cloud Computing Forensics
-Cloud forensic challenges
Dropbox cloud storage -Implementation Details
-Seating Tools and Environment
-Magnet axiom forensics program
-MobileEdit express forensics tool
-FinalMobile forensics tool
-Results and Analysis
-Programs and tools

Chapter 11 Malware Forensics for Volatile and nonVolatile Memory in Mobile Devices
-Mobile Malware Forensic
-Smartphone Volatile Memory
-Mobile Devices Case Details
-Development and Experiment
-Logical acquisition using Axiom process
Physical acquisition output in finalmobile forensics -Investigating from the non-volatile memory
-Evaluate Forensic tools usage in this case

Chapter 12 Mobile Forensic for KeyLogger Artifact
-Mobile KeyLogger
-Methodology and case study setup
-Mobile Malware and Spyware
-Evidence recovered during the examination
-Evidence recovered using Magnet ACQUIRE
-Examination and analysis KeyLogger result

Chapter 13 Digital Evidence Identification Methods for Mobile Devices with Facebook Messenger
-Mobile messenger apps
-Mobile operating system architecture -Experiment Tools
-Evidence and scene security
-Evidence isolation
-Data Acquisition
-FBM Data analysis using Magnet AXIOM Examine
-FBM Data analysis using Belkasoft
-FBM Data analysis using DB Browser for SQLite
-Recover deleted evidence from SQLite Property Lists -Reporting

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        Practical Forensic Analysis of Artifacts on iOS and Android Devices