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RESTful Web Clients

Enabling Reuse Through Hypermedia

Paperback Engels 2017
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Powerful web-based REST and hypermedia-style APIs are becoming more common every day, but instead of applying the same techniques and patterns to hypermedia clients, many developers rely on custom client code. With this practical guide, you’ll learn how to move from one-off implementations to general-purpose client apps that are stable, flexible, and reusable.

Author Mike Amundsen provides extensive background, easy-to-follow examples, illustrative dialogues, and clear recommendations for building effective hypermedia-based client applications. Along the way, you’ll learn how to harness many of the basic principles that underpin the Web.

- Convert HTML-only web apps into a JSON API service
- Overcome the challenges of maintaining plain JSON-style client apps
- Decouple the output format from the internal object model with the representor pattern
- Explore client apps built with HAL—Hypertext Application Language
- Tackle reusable clients with the Request, Parse, Wait Loop (RPW) pattern
- Learn the pros and cons of building client apps with the Siren content type
- Deal with API versioning by adopting a change-over-time aesthetic
- Compare how JSON, HAL, Siren, and Collection+JSON clients handle the Objects/Addresses/Actions Challenge
- Craft a single client application that can consume multiple services


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Over Mike Amundsen

An internationally known author and lecturer, Mike Amundsen travels throughout the United States and Europe consulting and speaking on a wide range of topics including distributed network architecture, Web application development, Cloud computing, and other subjects. His recent work focuses on the role hypermedia plays in creating and maintaining applications that can successsfully evolve over time. He has more than a dozen books to his credit. His most recent book is "Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node" He also contributed to the book "RESTful Web Services Cookbook" (by Subbu Allamaraju). When he is not working, Mike enjoys spending time with his family in Kentucky, USA

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1. Our HTML Roots and Simple Web APIs
-The Task Processing System (TPS) Web App
-The Task Services Web API

2. JSON Clients
-The JSON Web API Client
-The JSON SPA Client
-Dealing with Change
-Coding a New Client

3. The Representor Pattern
-XML or JSON: Pick a Side!
-The Representor Pattern
-A Server-Side Model

4. HAL Clients
-The HAL Format
-The HAL Representor
-The HAL SPA Client
-Dealing with Change
-The HAL-FORMS Extension

5. The Challenge of Reusable Client Apps
-What Problem Are You Solving?
-Modeling Interaction
-A Hypermedia Interaction Loop

6. Siren Clients
-The Siren Format
-The Siren Representor
-The Siren SPA Client
-Dealing with Change
-The Profile Object Description (POD) Extension

7. Versioning and the Web
-Versioning for the Internet
-Guidelines for Non-Breaking Changes

8. Collection+JSON Clients
-The Collection+JSON Format
-The Collection+JSON Representor
-The Collection+JSON SPA Client
-Dealing with Change
-Extending Collection+JSON
-Chapter 9Hypermedia and Microservices
-The Unix Philosophy
-The TPS Microservices at BigCo
-One Client to Rule Them All

Appendix A: Project List
Appendix B: Tools and Resources


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