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React Native Cookbook

Bringing the web to native platforms

Paperback Engels 2018 9781491993842
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Tackling an app development project on multiple platforms is no simple task. When time is in short supply and customers need access from the tap of a home screen, React Native can provide a lean development team with the tools needed to deliver a multi-platform native experience without juggling multiple programming languages and shifting code bases. React Native is an emerging technology and best practices are only beginning to bubble up.

Fortunately, a growing user community—from tech giants such as Facebook, Yahoo, and Airbnb to the independent developers—is hard at work codifying patterns and best practices for how to use React Native. This cookbook is another milestone on that journey.

Aimed at people with some JavaScript and web development experience, the first part of this cookbook covers some simple tips for getting started with React Native. Part 2 will cover some emerging patterns that are commonly found in most native applications.


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Navigating This Book
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1. The React Native Toolchain
1.1. Setting Up Your Development Environment
1.2. Writing ES6 with Babel
1.3. Organizing Project Files
1.4. Dealing with Catastrophic Failure

2. Living in the React Native Ecosystem
2.1. Stop Repeating Yourself: Implement Custom Components
2.2. Adding an Open Source Progress Bar
2.3. Sharing Custom Components
2.4. Routing Between Login Screens
2.5. Using Redux for Global State Management in Redux

3. Style and Design
3.1. Composing Stylesheets
3.2. Building Flexible Layouts with Flexbox
3.3. Importing Image Vectors and Icons
3.4. Looping Animations

4. Managing Hardware Platforms
4.1. Asking for Permission to Use Device Hardware (iOS)
4.2. Fetching Paginated Requests
4.3. Save Application State with Redux and Local Storage
4.4. Using the Filesystem

5. Lift Off! Sharing Your App
5.1. Automate Publishing Your App
5.2. Sharing Your iOS App with Beta Testers
5.3. Configuring Application Settings

6. Making Your App Maintainable
6.1. Protect Your Components with PropTypes
6.2. Check Runtime Errors with Flow
6.3. Automate Your Component Tests
6.4. Maintain Coding Standards with ESLint
6.5. Write Your App with Reason


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        React Native Cookbook