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Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of Their Evolution

Paperback Engels 2006 9781841127170
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You've read the headlines: industry after industry (airlines, automakers, drug companies, high tech) battered by globalization, deregulation, and commoditization. The Darwinian struggle to deliver profitable products and services keeps getting more brutal as competitive advantage gaps get narrower and narrower. Anything you invent today will soon be copied by someone else — probably better or cheaper.

Many companies thrive during the early stages of their life cycle, reveling in bursts of energy and advancement, only to fall slack during periods of inertia and die out while others surge ahead. But some notable companies have figured out how to deal with Darwin at every phase of their evolution — making changes on the fly while fending off challenges from every quarter.

Dealing with Darwin will help you understand your company's role in its market ecosystem; where your competitive advantage came from in the past and how it will change in the future; what kinds of differentiation will be most rewarded in your current marketplace; and how to transform your internal dynamics to overcome the inertia that threatens every bold innovation.

Bestselling author Geoffrey Moore has consulted for dozens of major companies on this challenge of innovation versus inertia. But in the fall of 2002, he got an unprecedented offer from John Chambers, the CEO of Cisco Systems: unlimited access to Cisco's management processes, with permission to reveal exactly how Cisco continues to innovate relentlessly as a mature enterprise. This collaboration led to the case study that forms the heart of the book — not just an insider story but a masterpiece of management analysis.

Dealing with Darwin, Moore's most ambitious work to date, offers nothing less than a new unified theory of the evolution of markets. Drawing on hundreds of different examples, Moore illuminates how established companies can prevent their own extinction — not by throwing resources wildly at every potential innovation, but by moving forward with precision, courage, and smart timing.

‘Geoff Moore is the master at creating a vocabulary for management strategy that captures the competitive dynamics of the times. In Dealing with Darwin, he uses this signature skill to tackle the fundamental challenge of twenty-first-century business — how to create profitable growth in an increasingly competitive global economy. His models are helpful both for focusing innovation strategy and for improving productivity, and they have played an important role in the continuing evolution of our company.' - John T. Chambers, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

'Dealing with Darwin provides a lucid and engaging perspective on managing innovation, an integral component of Motorola's vision of seamless mobility. Moore's frameworks — his theory of innovation types, his ideas about the impact of business architecture on innovation, and his model for resource recycling to fund ongoing innovation efforts — all have relevant application in today's rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive marketplace.' - Edward J. Zander, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Motorola

'Globalization is driving everyone to rethink their innovation strategies, and that not only includes SAP but most of our customers as well. For some time we have been using the models and vocabulary outlined in this book to help chart our own future and to better understand our customers' changing needs. Geoff's experience and insight have made him a valued adviser during a time of critical transition in our industry.' - Dr. Henning Kagerman, CEO, SAP AG

'With Dealing with Darwin, Geoff Moore has provided the first practical guide to successfully navigate the dynamics of product and market innovation at all phases of the business cycle. This is a must read to successfully compete in the twenty-first century.' - William T. Coleman, Chief Executive Officer, Cassatt Corporation; Cofounder and Former Chairman, BEA Systems, Inc.

'The book's provocative, well-illustrated lessons on innovation strategies are a breakthrough for Geoffrey Moore; he crosses the chasm from rapid-growth, high-tech companies to those facing maturity, slow growth, and commoditization.' - Robert S. Kaplan, author of The Balanced Scorecard; Baker Foundation Professor, Harvard Business School

'Dealing with Darwin is a lucid bridge that links good conceptual theory with good management practice. Geoffrey Moore gets it. His understanding of the management of innovation is without equal.' - Clayton Christensen, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School


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        Dealing with Darwin: How Great Companies Innovate at Every Phase of Their Evolution