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Solution Focused Coaching

Managing people in a complex world

Ingenaaid Engels 2003 9781843040286
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Dit boek zal de lezer voorzien van nuttige, effectieve technieken voor het verbeteren van communicatie, samenwerking op het werk. Het zal de lezer leren hoe hij of zij een managercoach kan worden en zichzelf en hun team met vertrouwen kan leiden.


Aantal pagina's:177
Uitgever:Prentice Hall


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Chapter headings
1 Why coaching? Why now?
Snapshot of today's corporate culture - how we got here, brief socio-historic overview. Taylorism to now. Realities of today's workplace, pressure, stress, work/life balance, what people want from work. The blurring of the work/life divide

War for talent, retention issues, knowledge management.

Change forced upon us, but also we need to foster and promote change. Command and control, does it work? Yes sometimes. How to know when it won't work. What to do about it.

2 Where does coaching come from? How can it help?

Background in training, therapy, sports coaching, mentoring, but it is none of these. Increasingly managers need to facilitate enhancement of work and life. They need to help people to live a good, satisfying life and get more out of work. There are techniques that are proven. We need to use them. Coaching is not a fad, the name may change but people are the asset of an organisation, managers need to know how to get the best out of them.

3 The medium and the message

Dealing with social capital, networking, communication skills. The way we communicate is changing and fast. But the basic human needs do not change. We need to be appreciated, respected, stimulated, listened to, challenged. This is the same as it ever was. There is an argument that the internet is loosening the social fabric of society, making people more alienated from one another. How do we stop doing this? By not using the internet? No it's not going to happen , nor to we want it to. It is a fantastic tool we need use it. The rules of good communication are simple. They are the same whatever the medium.
· Have something to say,
· listen, engage in dialogue,
· be clear
· stay true to your needs and values,
· speak with conviction.
4 How do you do it? - Methods and models

Outline of coaching techniques and models developed at Sydney: Grow, House of change, etc.

5 Have you got what it takes to be a manager coach?

David Clutterbuck competencies, self-assessment, inventory of coaching skills Where are your strengths and weaknesses? Assess yourself, using a variety of tools. Getting feedback from colleagues, coachee etc.

6 What to do if you haven't

Based on feedback and assessment the chapter provides practical ways of enhancing personal competencies. Developing exercises, which are fun and motivating to do, have real application and will produce results.

7 Putting it into practice - coaching others
Cookbook of recipes - dealing with specific situations. Typical workplace scenarios.

8 Dealing with difficult people.

It's all very well but what do you do if you have to deal with a complete bastard. Emotional vampire, drama queen, Mr and Mrs Perfect, Its not my job, What do I care, its all too much. Typical personality types you might encounter and what to do about it. How to get them to do what you want. Setting boundaries . Uncovering needs and values. Keeping emotional distance, staying objective.
'Good fences make good neighbours' Robert Frost

8 Make change in your own life

You can't possibly hope to help other people to create and maintain positive change, focus and direction on their own lives unless you can do it yourself. This chapter looks at self-coaching techniques, what they are, how to implement them and why they are important.

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