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Python Testing Cookbook

Over 70 simple but incredibly effective recipes for taking control of automated testing using powerful Python testing tools.

Paperback Engels 2011 9781849514668
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A practical guide, this cookbook will show you exactly how to squeeze every ounce of value out of automated testing and will ensure fully utilize Python testing tools to write test efficiently

The author's experience with Python Testing enables him to share insights on using Python effectively, in a clear and friendly way.
The Python Testing Cookbook will empower you to write tests using lots of Python test tools, code samples, screenshots, and detailed explanations. By learning how and when to write tests at every level, you can vastly improve the quality of your code and your personal skill set. Packed with lots of test examples, this will become your go-to book for writing good tests.

What you will learn from this book:
- Get started with the basics of writing automated unit tests and asserting results
- Use Nose to discover tests and build suites automatically
- Add testable documentation to your code
- Filter out test noise, customize test reports, and tweak doctest's to meet your needs
- Write testable stories using lots of tools including doctest, mocks, Lettuce, and Should DSL
- Configure Jenkins and TeamCity to run your test suite upon check-in
- Take the pulse of your system with a quick smoke test and overload your system to find its breaking points
- Add automated testing to an existing legacy system that isn't test oriented

Python developers and programmers with a basic understanding of Python and Python testing will find this cookbook beneficial. It will build on that basic knowledge equipping you with the intermediate and advanced skills required to fully utilize the Python testing tools. Broken up into lots of small code recipes, you can read this book at your own pace, whatever your experience. No prior experience of automated testing is required.


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Over Greg Turnquist

Greg has worked since 1997 as a software engineer at Harris Corporation, always seeking the right tool for the job. Since 2002, Greg has been part of the senior software team working on Harris' $3.5 billion FAA telco program, architecting mission-critical enterprise apps while managing a software team. He provides after hours support and 2nd-level engineering to support the nation-wide telco network and is no stranger to midnight failures and software triage. In 2010, Greg joined the SpringSource division of VMware. Being a test-bitten script junky, Greg has used JUnit, TestNG, JMock, FEST, PyUnit, and pMock testing frameworks, along with other agile practices to produce top-quality code. He has worked with Java, Spring, Spring Security, AspectJ, and Jython technologies and also developed sophisticated scripts for *nix and Windows platforms. Being a wiki evangelist, he also deployed a LAMP-based wiki website to provide finger-tip knowledge to users. In 2006, Greg created the Spring Python project. The Spring Framework provided many useful features, and he wanted those same features available when working with Python.

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1. Using Unittest To Develop Basic Tests
2. Running Automated Test Suites with Nose
3. Creating Testable Documentation with doctest
4. Testing Customer Stories with Behavior -Driven Development
5. High Level Customer Scenarios with Acceptance Testing
6. Integrating Automated Tests with Continuous Integration
7. Measuring your Success with Test Coverage
8. Smoke/Load Testing-Testing Major Parts
9. Good Test Habits for New and Legacy Systems


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