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Nature-Inspired Methods for Metaheuristics Optimization

Algorithms and Applications in Science and Engineering

Paperback Engels 2021 9783030264604
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This book gathers together a set of chapters covering recent development in optimization methods that are inspired by nature. The first group of chapters describes in detail different meta-heuristic algorithms, and shows their applicability using some test or real-world problems. The second part of the book is especially focused on advanced applications and case studies. They span different engineering fields, including mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, and earth/environmental science, and covers topics such as robotics, water management, process optimization, among others. The book covers both basic concepts and advanced issues, offering a timely introduction to nature-inspired optimization method for newcomers and students, and a source of inspiration as well as important practical insights to engineers and researchers.


Uitgever:Springer International Publishing


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Part I: Algorithms

Chapter 1: Genetic algorithms: A mature bio-inspired optimization technique for difficult problems.

Konstantinos L. Katsifarakis and Yiannis N. Kontos

Chapter 2: Introduction to Genetic Algorithm with a Simple Analogy

Arup Kumar Sarma

Chapter 3: Interactive genetic algorithm to collect user perceptions. Application to the design of stemmed glasses

Poirson, E., Petiot, J.-F. and Blumenthal, D.

Chapter 4: Differential Evolution and its application in Identification of Virus Release Location in a Sewer Line

Rajeev Gandhi B.G. and R. K. Bhattacharjya

Chapter 5: Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm and An Application to Software Defect Prediction

Rustu Akay and Bahriye Akay

Chapter 6: Firefly Algorithm and its Applications in Engineering Optimization

Dilip Kumar, Rajeev Gandhi B.G. and Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya

Chapter 7: Introduction to Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm and its Sensitivity to the Parameters of the Algorithm

Rajeev Gandhi B.G. and R.K. Bhattacharjya

Chapter 8: Groundwater Management using Coupled Analytic Element based Transient Groundwater Flow and Optimization Model

Komal Kumari and Anirban Dhar

Chapter 9: Investigation of Bacterial Foraging Algorithm applied for PV parameter estimation, Selective harmonic elimination in inverters and optimal power flow for stability

J.Prasanth Ram and N.Rajasekar

Chapter 10: Application of artificial immune system in Optimal Design of Irrigation Canal

Sirajul Islam and Bipul Talukdar

Chapter 11: Biogeography Based Optimization for Water Pump Switching Problem

Vimal Savsani, Vivek Patel and Mohamed Tawhid

Chapter 12: Introduction to Invasive Weed Optimization Method

Dilip Kumar, Rajeev Gandhi BG and Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya

Chapter 13: Single-Level Production Planning in Petrochemical Industries using Novel Computational Intelligence Algorithms

Sandeep Singh Chauhanm and Prakash Kotecha

Chapter 14: A Multi-Agent platform to support knowledge based modelling in engineering Design

Ricardo Mejía-Gutiérrez and Xavier Fischer

Part II: Applications

Chapter 15: Synthesis of reference trajectories for humanoid robot supported by genetic algorithm

Teresa Zielinska

Chapter 16: Linked Simulation Optimization Model for Evaluation of Optimal Bank Protection Measures.

Hriday Mani Kalita, Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya and Arup Kumar Sarma

Chapter 17: A GA Based Iterative Model for Identification of Unknown Groundwater Pollution Sources Considering Noisy Data

Leichombam Sophia and Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya

Chapter 18: Efficiency of Binary Coded Genetic Algorithm in Stability Analysis of an Earthen Slope

Rajib Kumar Bhattacharjya

Chapter 19: Corridor allocation as a constrained optimization problem using a permutation-based multi-objective genetic algorithm

Zahnupriya Kalita· and Dilip Datta

Chapter 20: The constrained single-row facility layout problem with repairing mechanisms

Zahnupriya Kalita and Dilip Datta

Chapter 21: Geometric size optimization of annular step fin array for heat transfer by natural convection

Abhijit Deka·and Dilip Datta

Chapter 22: Optimal control of saltwater intrusion in coastal aquifers using analytical approximation based on density dependent flow correction

Selva B. Munusamy and Anirban Dhar

Chapter 23: Dynamic Nonlinear Active Noise Control: A Multi-Objective Evolutionary Computing Approach

Apoorv P. Patwardhan, Rohan Patidar and Nithin V. George

Chapter 24: Scheduling of Jobs on Dissimilar Parallel Machine using Computational Intelligence Algorithms

Remya Kommadath and Prakash Kotecha

Chapter 25: Branch-and-Bound Method for Just-in-Time Optimization of Radar Search Patterns

Yann Briheche, Frederic Barbaresco, Fouad Bennis and Damien Chablat

Chapter 26: Optimization of the GIS based DRASTIC model for Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment

Sahajpreet Kaur Garewal, Avinash D. Vasudeo and Aniruddha D Ghare

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        Nature-Inspired Methods for Metaheuristics Optimization