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Handbook on Parallel and Distributed Processing

Paperback Engels 2010 9783642085710
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Here, authors from academia and practice provide practitioners, scientists and graduates with basic methods and paradigms, as well as important issues and trends across the spectrum of parallel and distributed processing. In particular, they cover such fundamental topics as efficient parallel algorithms, languages for parallel processing, parallel operating systems, architecture of parallel and distributed systems, management of resources, tools for parallel computing, parallel database systems and multimedia object servers, as well as the relevant networking aspects. A chapter is dedicated to each of parallel and distributed scientific computing, high-performance computing in molecular sciences, and multimedia applications for parallel and distributed systems.


Aantal pagina's:635
Uitgever:Springer Berlin Heidelberg


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B. Plateau, D. Trystram: Parallel and Distributed Computing: State-of-the-Art and Emerging Trends.- Introduction.- The Benefits and Needs for Parallel High Performance Computing.- Parallel and Distributed Systems.- Programming Environment.- Theoretical Foundations.- Survey of the Volume.- S. Akl: The Design of Efficient Parallel Algorithms.- Introduction.- Parallel Models and Algorithms.- Sorting.- Matrix Multiplication.- Computing the Convex Hull.- Pointer-Based Data Structures.- Conclusions.- Bibliographical Remarks.- I. Foster: Languages for Parallel Processing.- Motivation for Parallel Languages.- New Programming Paradigms.- Language Extensions.- Data-Parallel Languages.- Library-based Approaches.- Future Directions.- D. Litaize, M. Mzoughi, C. Rochange, P. Sainrat: Architecture of Parallel and Distributed Systems.- Introduction.- Superscalar Processors.- Uniprocessors vs. Multiprocessors.- Memory Consistency and Memory Coherency.- Bus-Based Shared-Memory Multiprocessors.- Non Bus-Based Shared-Memory Multiprocessors.- From Physically-Shared to Logically-Shared Address Space.- Inputs/Outputs in Parallel and Distributed Systems.- Conclusions.- J. Garcia, P. Ferreira, P. Guedes: Parallel Operating Systems.- Introduction.- Classification of Parallel Computer Systems.- Operating Systems for Symmetric Multiprocessors.- Operating Systems for NORMA Environment.-Scalable Shared Memory Systems.- J. Blazewicz, M. Drozdowski, K. Ecker: Management of Resources in Parallel Systems.- Introduction.- Classical Approaches.- Scheduling Multiprocessor Tasks.- Scheduling Uni-Processor Tasks with Communication Delays.- Scheduling Divisible Tasks.- A. Malony: Tools for Parallel Computing: A Performance Evaluation Perspective.- Introduction.- Motivation.- Environment Design.- Parallel Performance Paradigms.- Performance Observability.- Performance Diagnosis.- Performance Perturbation.- Summary.- L. Golubchik, R. Muntz: Parallel Database Systems and Multimedia Object Servers.- Introduction.- Parallel Database Systems.- Multimedia Object Servers.- J. Nabrzyski, M. Stroinski, J. Weglarz: Networking Aspects of Distributed and Parallel Computing.- Introduction.- Computer Networks for Distributed Computing.-Performance Evaluation of Network Interfaces.- Access to Networks with a Specific QoS.- Networking APIs.- Future of the Networks for HPC.- A. Petitet, H. Casanova, J. Dongarra, Y. Robert, R. Whaley: Parallel and Distributed Scientific Computing.- Introduction.- Numerical Linear Algebra Libraries.- Automatic Generation of Tuned Numerical Kernels.- Network-enabled Solvers.- Conclusions.- W. Cencek, J. Komasa, J. Rychlewski: High-performance Computing in Molecular Sciences.- Foreword.- Introduction.- Computational Cost Analysis.- Homogeneous Environment in Molecular Calculations.- Heterogenous Environment in Molecular Calculations.- Conclusions.- G. De Pietro: Multimedia Applications for Parallel and Distributed Systems.- What Is Multimedia?.- Digital Audio and Video Compression Techniques.- Parallel and Distributed Systems for Multimedia.- Multimedia Applications.- Conclusions.

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        Handbook on Parallel and Distributed Processing