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Develop your own Bluetooth Low Energy Applications

for Raspberry Pi, ESP32 and nRF52 with Python, Arduino and Zephyr

Paperback Engels 2022 9783895765001
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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio chips are ubiquitous from Raspberry Pi to light bulbs. BLE is an elaborate technology with a comprehensive specification, but the basics are quite accessible.

A progressive and systematic approach will lead you far in mastering this wireless communication technique, which is essential for working in low power scenarios.

In this book, you'll learn how to:
- Discover BLE devices in the neighborhood by listening to their advertisements.
- Create your own BLE devices advertising data.
- Connect to BLE devices such as heart rate monitors and proximity reporters.
- Create secure connections to BLE devices with encryption and authentication.
- Understand BLE service and profile specifications and implement them.
- Reverse engineer a BLE device with a proprietary implementation and control it with your own software.
- Make your BLE devices use as little power as possible.

This book shows you the ropes of BLE programming with Python and the Bleak library on a Raspberry Pi or PC, with C++ and NimBLE-Arduino on Espressif's ESP32 development boards, and with C on one of the development boards supported by the Zephyr real-time operating system, such as Nordic Semiconductor's nRF52 boards.

Starting with a very little amount of theory, you'll develop code right from the beginning. After you've completed this book, you'll know enough to create your own BLE applications.


Aantal pagina's:258
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Preface 11

Chapter 1 • Introduction 12
Chapter 2 • Preparing your development environment 24
Chapter 3 • Broadcasting data with advertisements 43
Chapter 4 • Connections and services 97
Chapter 5 • Securing BLE connections 155
Chapter 6 • Profiles and roles 192
Chapter 7 • Reverse engineering BLE devices 217
Chapter 8 • Lowering power consumption 232
Chapter 9 • Conclusion 242
Chapter 10 • Appendix 246

Index 254

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        Develop your own Bluetooth Low Energy Applications