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Rethinking the Crime of Aggression

International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Gebonden Engels 2021 9789462654662
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This book presents a selection of revised and updated papers presented in September 2018 at the International Conference ‘Rethinking the Crime of Aggression: International and Interdisciplinary Perspectives’, which was held in Marburg, Germany, and hosted by the International Research and Documentation Centre for War Crimes Trials (ICWC).

In light of the activation of the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court concerning the crime of aggression, international experts from various disciplines such as law, history, the social sciences, psychology and economics came together to enhance the understanding of this complex and challenging matter and thereby opened a cross-disciplinary dialogue regarding aggressive war and the crime of aggression: a dialogue that not only addresses the historical genesis of the current situation, the content of the new aggression provisions, their implementation in practice and their possible regulatory effects, but also instigates perspectives for investigating future developments and issues.


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Chapter 1. Negotiating Aggression: From Rome over Kampala to New York

Part I. What is Aggression?
Chapter 2. Aggression from a Sociological Perspective
Chapter 3. Dimensions of Aggression in Social Psychology

Part II. States as Aggressors
Chapter 4. How far is it from Münster and Osnabrück to Kampala? State Aggression, the Use of Force, and Statehood in a World Society Perspective
Chapter 5. States as Aggressors: Some Economic Perspectives.- Part III. Regulating Aggression
Chapter 6. The Crime of Internal Aggression: An Outline of an Idea
Chapter 7. The Versailles Treaty and the Idea of Prosecuting Wars of Aggression
Chapter 8. Approaches of International Organisations and Institutions towards Acts of Aggression.- Part IV. Legitimizing Aggression
Chapter 9. State Sovereignty and the Legitimacy of Aggression
Chapter 10. The Crime of Aggression and the Prohibition of the Use of Force – Reflections on the Relation between the Rome Statute and General Public International Law

Part V. Individualizing Guilt
Chapter 11. Individualizing Guilt at Nuremberg
Chapter 12. Criminalizing Interstate Wrongdoing

Part VI. Prosecuting Aggression
Chapter 13. The Political Dimension of Aggression Trials: The Role of the Security Council
Chapter 14. Key Risks and Difficulties of Aggression Trials


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        Rethinking the Crime of Aggression