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Business Process Mapping

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Gebonden Engels 2009 9780470444580
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Now fully revised and updated a powerful, customer–focused tool for business improvement
Now in a Second Edition, Business Process Mapping is a powerful tool that offers a solid understanding of any given process, as well as the methods for that process to be more effective, and ensures that true value is being provided to customers. From management to internal auditor to external consultant, the new edition includes more detailed work and examples related to ERM practices, particularly focusing on how objectives, risks, and key performance indicators are fundamental to understanding and analyzing processes. As well, new tools are included toward enhancing and enriching the basic work done with process mapping.
J. Mike Jacka, CPA, CIA, CFE, CPCU (Phoenix, AZ), is Senior Manager over Special Projects at Farmers Insurance Internal Audit. Paulette J. Keller (Phoenix, AZ) is the Audit Director of Audit Technology and Support at Farmers Insurance Internal Audit.


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Pinocchio and the World of Business.

Chapter 1 What Is This Thing Called Process Mapping?
Who Cares about Processes, Anyway?
Tell Me a Story : Analyzing the Process.
The Process of Process Mapping.
Process Defined.
Drilling Down the Movie.
Business Processes as Movies.
A Real Business Example.
Key Analysis Points.

Chapter 2 Process Identification.
What Do You See?
Finding the Story.
Trigger Events.
Naming the Major Processes.
Process Timelines.
Customer Experience Analysis.
Key Analysis Points.

Chapter 3 Information Gathering.
What You Need to Know and Where You Go to Learn It.
Preliminary Information.
Process Identification.
Process Description Overview.
Identifying the Process Owners.
Meeting with the Process Owners.
What to Discuss.
Process Profile Worksheet.
Meeting with the Unit Owners.
Workflow Surveys.
Data Gathering.
Key Analysis Points.

Chapter 4 Interviewing and Map Generation.
Creating the Storyboard (Finally).
Ground Rules.
Sticky–Note Revolution.
Basic Rules.
Conducting the Interviews.
Creating a Final Map.
Key Analysis Points.

Chapter 5 Map Generation: An Example.
Try It You ll Like It.
Unit Level.
Task Level.
Action Level.
Key Analysis Points.

Chapter 6 Analysis.
Into the Editing Room.
Triggers and False Triggers.
Inputs and Outputs.
Process Ownership.
Business Objective.
Business Risks.
Key Controls.
Measures of Success.
Analyzing the Actual Maps.
Cycle Times.
Finalizing the Project.
Recap and Key Analysis Points.

Chapter 7 Map Analysis: An Example.
This Is Only an Attempt.
Process Profile Worksheet.
Analyzing the Maps.
The Bigger Picture.
Recap and Key Analysis Points.

Chapter 8 Pitfalls and Traps.
Mapping for Mapping s Sake.
Lost in the Details.
Penmanship Counts.
Round and Round, Up and Down.
Failure to Finalize.
Letting the Customer Define the Process.
Leading the Witness.
Verifying the Facts.
Do Not Forget the Customers.
Key Analysis Points.

Chapter 9 Customer Mapping.
Identify Jobs the Customer Wants to Get Done.
Customer Mapping versus Process Mapping.
The Steps of Customer Mapping.
The Customer Profile Worksheet.
Customer Mapping Example.
WeTrainU Customer Mapping Example.
Spaghetti Maps.
Key Analysis Points.

Chapter 10 RACI Matrices.
Process versus Authority.
How Do I Know There s a Problem?
What Is a RACI Matrix?
Analyzing the RACI Matrix.
Expense Payment Process Example.
RACI Matrix to Process Map.
Process Map to RACI Matrix.
Key Analysis Points.

Chapter 11 Enterprise Risk Management and Process Mapping.
Efficiency versus Effectiveness.
Enterprise Risk Management: A Primer.
And Now for Process Mapping.
The Internal Environment.
Objective Setting.
Event Identification.
Risk Assessment.
Risk Response.
Control Activities.
Information and Communication.

Chapter 12 Where Do We Go from Here?
Additional Applications.
Control Self–Assessment.
That s Not All, Folks!

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        Business Process Mapping