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The One Thing You Need to Know

About great managing, great leading and sustained individual success

Gebonden Engels 2005 9780743261654
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In 'The One Thing You Need to Know' geeft Marcus Buckingham lezers een waardevolle cursus in het bereiken van uitstekende prestaties. Dit is een gids waar u de essentie van de drie gebieden die fundamenteel zijn voor professionele activiteiten wordt geleerd.


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Over Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham studeerde Politicologie en Sociale wetenschappen in Cambridge. Daarna deed hij jarenlang onderzoek naar leiderschapmanagement en loopbaanmanagement voor het Amerikaanse onderzoeksbureau Gallup. Hij werkt nu als onafhankelijk consultant, trainer en spreker.

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1: A Few Things You Should Know About the "One Thing"

"Get me to the core": "If you dig into a subject deeply enough, what do you find?"

A lifetime of "why"s: "What drove this book?"

The tests for the "one thing": "Why are some explanations more powerful than others?"

One controlling insight: "What is the One Thing you need to know about happy marriage?"

Part I

The One Thing You Need to Know
Sustained Organizational Success

2: Managing and Leading: What's the Difference?

A vital distinction: "Are they different? Are they both important? Can you do both?"

A view from the middle: "What do great managers actually do and what talents do you need to do it?"

A view from the top: "What do great leaders actually do and what talents do you need to do it?"

3: The One Thing You Need to Know: Great Managing

The basics of good managing: "What skills will prevent you from failing as a manager?"

Great managers play chess: "What is the One Thing you need to know about great managing?"

A walk through a walgreens: "How does one truly great manager do it?"

Great managers are romantics: "What are the benefits of individualization?"

The three levers: "What are the three things you need to know about a person in order to manage him or her effectively?"

The most useful questions: "How can you identify these levers?"

4: The One Thing You Need to Know: Great Leading

A leader wins our loyalty: "What did Giuliani say to calm our fears?"

Five fears, five needs, one focus: "What are the universals of human nature?"

The points of clarity: "Where are your followers crying out for clarity?"

The disciplines of leadership: "How do the best leaders achieve this clarity?"

Part II: The One Thing You Need to Know Sustained Individual Success

5: The Twenty Percenters

Dave, Myrtle, and Tim: "What does sustained individual success look like?"

The early contenders: "What explanations seem like the One Thing, but aren't?"

What is sustained success?: "It's a broad term. How do we define it?"

6: The Three Main Contenders

Contender 1: "Find the right tactics and employ them."

Contender 2: "Find your flaws and fix them."

Contender 3: "Discover your strengths and cultivate them."

7: So, How Do You Sustain Success If...?

You're bored

You're unfulfilled

You're frustrated

You're drained

Conclusion: Intentional Imbalance


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        The One Thing You Need to Know