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Sales Management. Simplified.

The Straight Truth About Getting Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team

Gebonden Engels 2015 9780814436431
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Why do sales organizations fall short? Every day, expert consultants like Mike Weinberg are called on by companies large and small to find the answer-and it's one that may surprise you. Typically, the issue lies not with the sales team--but with how it is being led. Through their attitude and actions, senior executives and sales managers unknowingly undermine performance.

In 'Sales Management. Simplified.' Weinberg tells it straight, calling out the problems plaguing sales forces and the costly mistakes made by even the best-intentioned sales managers.The good news: with the right guidance, results can be transformed. Blending blunt, practical advice with funny stories from the field, this book helps you:
- Implement a simple framework for sales leadership
- Foster a healthy, high-performance sales culture
- Conduct productive meetings
- Create a killer compensation plan
- Put the right people in the right roles
- Coach for success
- Retain top producers and remediate underperformers
- Point salespeople at the proper targets
- Sharpen your sales story
- Regain control of your calendar
- And more

Long on solutions and short on platitudes, Sales Management. Simplified. delivers the tools you need to succeed.


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Foreword by Jeb Blout


Part One: Blunt Truth from the Front Lines: Why So Many Sales Organizations Fail to Produce the Desired Results
1. As Goes the Leader, So Goes the Organization
2. A Sales Culture Without Goals is a Sales Culture Without Results
3. You Can’t Effectively Run a Sales Team When You’re Buried in Crap
4. Playing CRM Desk Jockey Does Not Equate to Sales Leadership
5. You Can Manage, You Can Sell, But You Can’t Do Both at Once
6. A Sales Manager Either Wants to Make Heroes or be the Hero
7. Sales Suffer When the Manager Wears the Fire Chief’s Helmet
8. The Trouble with One Size Fits All Sales Talent Deployment is that One Size Does Not Fit All
9. Turning a Blind Eye to the Perennial Underperformer Does More Damage Than You Realize
10. COMPensation and COMPlacency Start with the Same Four Letters
11. An Anti-Sales Culture Disengages the Heart of the Sales Team
12. The Big Ego Senior Executive ‘Sales Expert’ Often Does More Harm than Good
13. Entrepreneurial, Visionary Leaders Forget that Their People Can’t Do What They Can Do
14. The Lack of Coaching and Mentoring Produces Ineffective Salespeople
15. Amateurish Salespeople Are Perceived Simply as Vendors, Pitchmen and Commodity Sellers
16. Sales Leaders Chase Shiny New Toys Searching for the Magic Bullet

Part Two: Practical Help and a Simple Framework to Get Exceptional Results from Your Sales Team
17. A Simple Framework Provides Clarity to the Sales Manager
18. A Healthy Sales Culture Changes Everything
19. Sales Managers Must Radically Reallocate Their Time to Create a Winning Sales Culture
20. Regular 1:1 Results-focused Meetings Between Sales Manager and Each Salesperson Will Transform Your Sales Culture
21. Productive Sales Meetings Align, Equip, and Energize the Team
22. Sales Managers Must Get Out in the Field with Salespeople
23. Talent Management Can Make or Break the Sales Leader
24. Strategic Targeting: Point Your Team in the Right Direction
25. The Sales Manager Must Ensure the Team is Armed for Battle
26. Sales Managers Must Monitor the Battle and be Ruthless with Their Time


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        Sales Management. Simplified.