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Shaping the Corporate Landscape

Towards Corporate Reform and Enterprise Diversity

Paperback Engels 2020 9781509939831
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Currently, there exists a distrust of corporate activity in the continuing aftermath of the financial crisis and with increasing recognition of the threats of climate change and global, as well as national, inequalities. Despite efforts in the arena of corporate governance to address these, we are still beset with corporate scandals and witness companies facing large fines for their environmental and cost-cutting misdemeanours.

Recognising that the usual responses to dealing with these corporate problems are not effective, this book asks whether the traditional form of the joint stock corporation itself lies at the heart of these problems. What are the features of the corporate form and how does its current regulation underscore these problems? Identifying such features provides a basis for the discussion to develop towards suggesting more progressive regulatory developments around the corporate form.

More fundamentally, this book investigates a diverse range of corporate governance models that are emerging as alternatives to the shareholder corporation, including employee-owned, cooperative and social enterprises. The contributors are leading scholars from various backgrounds including law, management and organisation studies, finance and accounting, as well as experienced professionals and policy makers with expertise in social and cooperative business models and the role of employees in the corporation.


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Over Nina Boeger

Nina Boeger is Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of the Centre for Law and Enterprise at the University of Bristol Law School.

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Over Charlotte Villiers

Charlotte Villiers is Professor of Company Law and Corporate Governance at the University of Bristol Law School.

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Part I: Corporate Reform
1. Corporate Schizophrenia: The Institutional Origins of Corporate Social Irresponsibility
Paddy Ireland
2. Destruction by Ideological Pretence: The Case of Shareholder Primacy
Gordon Pearson
3. The Separate Legal Entity and the Architecture of the Modern Corporation
Jeroen Veldman
4. Dismantling the Legal Myth of Shareholder Primacy: The Corporation as a Sustainable Market Actor
Beate Sjåfjell
5. Climate Change, Business Transformation
Mick Blowfield
6. Capitalism: Why Companies are Unfit for Social Purpose and How they Might be Reformed
Lorraine Talbot
7. Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006: Desperate Times Call for Soft Law Measures
Georgina Tsagas
8. Corporate Governance, Responsibility and Compassion: Why we should Care
Charlotte Villiers
9. Beyond Shareholder Primacy-The Case for Workers' Voice in Corporate Governance
Janet Williamson
10. The New Corporate Movement 9
Nina Boeger

Part II: Enterprise Diversity
11. Recognising Facts in Economic Democracy
David Erdal
12. Can Reduced Shareholder Power Enable Corporate Stakeholder Accountability? The Case of Triodos Bank
Stuart Cooper
13. The Arrival of B Corps in Britain: Another Milestone Towards a More Nuanced Economy?
David Hunter
14. Danish Foundations and Cooperatives as Forms of Corporate Governance: Origins and Impacts on Firm Strategies and Societies
Peer Hull Kristensen and Glenn Morgan
15. What's in a Name? Reflections on the Marginalisation of the Co-operative as an Organisational Form
Anita Mangan
16. The Internationalisation of the FairShares Model: Where Agency Meets Structure in US and UK Company Law
Rory Ridley-Duff
17. The Politics, Policy, Popular Perception and Practice of Social Enterprise in the Twenty-first Century
Dan Gregory
18. Lessons from the Community Interest Company
Nina Boeger, Sara Burgess and Julie Ellison

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        Shaping the Corporate Landscape