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Bringing IT Architecture to life

Real world application of a function-oriented approach

Paperback Engels 2018 9789492190895
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The complexity of modern IT landscapes forces organizations to implement changes and innovations in a well-defined and structured way, applying architecture. But that’s easier said than done, because how do you actually bring IT architecture into practice? What are the tasks of an IT architect? What methods and tools are available to an IT architect? What products does an IT architect deliver? And how do you make sure that these products are effective and offer added value to an organization? In short, what does it mean to be a full IT architect?

This book is a practical guide for today’s digital architect and offers inspiration for a fuller understanding of the subject. The “what”, the “why” and the “how” are discussed extensively both in terms of the design, as well as in the creation of architecture products and the successful establishment of the architecture function in the organization.

This book is also of interest to other disciplines who want to understand more about how architecture works. By weaving personal practice stories throughout the book, the author presents a true “living” picture of the role of IT architecture.


Trefwoorden:IT Architecture
Aantal pagina's:240
Hoofdrubriek:IT-management / ICT


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Over Daniël Jumelet

Daniël Jumelet (1973) is sinds 1994 werkzaam in de IT. Sinds 2005 doet hij onderzoek in de praktijk naar de toepassing van architectuur op infrastructuur.

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Note on the publication of the e-book

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Major tasks of an IT architect
1.2 The insights and skills of the IT architect: how to read this book
1.3 The main messages of this book
Personal practical stories
A few asides

Chapter 2 The role of architecture in the development process
2.1 Phases of the design: the development sequences
2.2 In detail: steps in the architecture continuum
2.3 Involvement of stakeholders
The role of the community

Chapter 3 The making of function models: the heart of architecture
3.1 Patterns
3.2 A lexicon for infrastructure functions
3.3 ArchiMate: a semantic for the modeler
3.4 Application of the OIAm model approach outside of the infrastructure domain
Handling data center transitions

Chapter 4 Working with models: examples
4.1 Example 1: The Exchange migration
4.2 Example 2: Identity Management for cloud solutions
Design of workplace services

Chapter 5 Ingredients of architecture products
5.1 User stories
5.2 Service descriptions
5.3 Quality aspects
5.4 Environments
5.5 User categories5.6 Principles5.7 Architecture Building Blocks
5.10 Threat analyses
Working on Architecture repositories

Chapter 6 Architectural products
6.1 Organization Context Analysis (OCA)
6.2 Business-IT plan, roadmap and project calendar
6.3 Architecture repository
6.4 Business case / impact analysis / feasibility study
6.5 Project Start Architecture (PSA), Sourcing Start Architecture (SSA) and Solution Foundation
6.6 Root cause analysis
Functional tenders

Chapter 7 Embedding architecture
7.1 Goals
7.2 Processes
7.3 Roles
7.4 Architecture products
7.5 Strategic partners
7.6 Governance
7.7 Making architecture visible
Office politics: decision support

Chapter 8 Infrastructure architecture and IT security
8.1 Strategy determination
8.2 Threats and risk analysis
8.3 Mitigation8.4 Example of a threat analysis
8.5 Security Management
8.6 Privacy protection
Coping with trends

Appendix A Introduction to OIAm
A.1 What is OIAm?
A.2 The focus of OIAm
A.3 What does OIAm offer?
A.4 History of OIAm
A.5 What remains outside the scope for OIAm?

Appendix B Modeling protocols for the application of ArchiMate
B.1 The use of ArchiMate
B.2 Preferred concepts in infrastructure
B.3 Relationship conventions
B.4 Relationships between views and layers

Appendix C Cloud Service Packages
C.1 Application Hosting
C.2 Web Hosting
C.3 Calculation
C.4 Data Management


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        Bringing IT Architecture to life