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The Circular Economy Handbook

Realizing the Circular Advantage

Paperback Engels 2021 9781349959709
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'Can we align global production and consumption systems with sustainability? Can business growth actually lead to a healthier planet? Can companies innovate through the circular economy to create competitive advantage and genuine impact?'

'Waste to Wealth' proved that the emerging circular economy advantage exists – now Lacy, Long and Spindler show you how to realize it at speed and scale in 'The Circular Economy Handbook'.
We stand at a crossroads, with rising geopolitical and geo-economic tensions, massive technological change and a host of social and environmental challenges. We are pushing planetary boundaries to their limits, with climate change and threats to biodiversity and oceans as just a few examples. Significant impacts are already being felt, and both people and planet face potentially catastrophic and irreversible consequences if we don’t urgently change our global model and systems. Our current linear “take, make, waste” models of production and consumption will not be sustainable in a world of some 9 billion people by 2050, especially with ever-expanding rates of consumption. Thriving within these dynamics demands more than incremental adjustments to business-as-usual.

The circular economy offers a powerful means to decouple growth from use of scarce and harmful resources, enabling greater production and consumption with fewer negative environmental impacts—at the same time, making companies more innovative and competitive. In fact, this book shows that $4.5 trillion in economic value is at stake.

Delivering on the promise of a circular economy demands impact and scale, extending through value chains and, ultimately, disrupting the entire economic system.

In 'The Circular Economy Handbook', the authors illuminate the path from insight to action, from linear to circular. With case studies, advice and practical guidance, they show leadershow to pivot towards a holistic circular organization, embedding circularity internally and delivering broad-based system change.

With unique insights across business models, technologies, and industries – featuring stories and real-world examples from circular pioneers – this book is the essential guide to help companies become leaders in the movement to secure the circular economy advantage.


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Introduction - The Path to Transformation is Circular
The Circular Business Models.
- Disruptive Technologies.
- Circular Economy - A Tale of 10 Industries.
- Metals & Mining Industry Profile.
- Oil & Gas Industry Profile.
- Chemical Industry Profile.
- Electricity Industry Profile.
- Machinery & Industrial Equipment (MI&E) Industry Profile.
- Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Industry Profile.
- Personal Mobility Industry Profile.
- Household Industry Profile.
- Fast-moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry Profile.
- Fashion Industry Profile.
- E-commerce Meets the Circular Economy.
- How to Make the Circular Pivot.
- Operations.
- Products & Services.
- Culture & Organization.
- Ecosystem.
- Ecosystem Deep Dive #1: Investment - The Role of Financial Services.
- Ecosystem Deep Dive #2: Policy - The Role of Policymakers.
- Towards a Circular Future.

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        The Circular Economy Handbook