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Business strategy through disruption

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2019 9789087598990
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It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survive is the one that is able to adapt to and to adjust best to the changing environment in which it finds itself……so says Charles Darwin in his “Origin of Species.” Ger Hofstee and Sybren Tijmstra, the authors of “Business Strategy through Disruption”, analyse the fast moving disruption developments in consumer- and service markets. Disruption means a sudden disruption of market shares, mostly by young new companies which take dominant positions in a market at the expense of existing market parties. Digital innovation, one of the most disruptive trends, becomes in a very short timeframe the driver of disruption.

Disruption is a threat but also a chance!
The old world, often surprised by the creative initiators of those new businesses, is paralyzed and ‘let it happen’. Disruption is not new. The first car canabalised the horse and carrage, the computer canabalised the typewriter and many more examples. Disruption is very predictable if in your market there is lack of transparency, lack of freedom of choice and waste of resources. A good illustration of the predictability of these riskfactors is the Uber taxi market example.

The proactive solution to avoid disruption is to become the disruptor yourself. That means development of a new creative business strategy, bold decision making and high service oriented implementation. Ger and Sybren advice MBA students and managers to survive the power of disruption in their markets, by adjusting more quickly. As writer Jackson Brown Jr formulate it most beautifully: “when you can’t change the direction of the wind - adjust your sails.” In this book you will find a lot of inspiration and tools, to create new competitive strategies and business planning to adjust your sails.


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Over Ger Hofstee

Ger Hofstee is docent marketing en communicatie aan het Instituut Bedrijfskundige Opleidingen, Nederlands Instituut voor Bank- en Effectenbedrijf en Academie voor Management. Hij wordt daarnaast vaak gevraagd voor het houden presentaties over het marketingveranderproces.Hofstee heeft eerder het boek De Tien Stappen Marketing Methode bij Uitgeverij LEMMA uitgegeven.

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1. Introduction

2. World business trends
Emerging markets
Societal attitudes

3. The Digital Age
The Fourth Industrial Revolution
The digital change at the speed of light
Drivers of digital change
Social media

4. The new normal in strategy
The evolution of business strategy
The “new normal” in strategy
Using existing strategic analysis tools/models in the new setting
Concluding remarks

5. Disrupt the disruption
Disruption: a threat and a chance
Pro-active attacking disruption versus defensive posture
Respect the customer’s privacy

6. Blue Ocean strategy
Assuring the continuity of your company
Blue Ocean Strategy: metaphor for a search
Value innovation framework
Differentiation is key in Blue Ocean strategy
But time will keep on changing blue oceans into red oceans!

7. The new normal in marketing
Fan base
The Customer Journey

8. New forms of financing and venture capital
Explosive revenue growth, profits and company valuation
How to determine the value of start-ups
Acquiring a start-up: what is the value and the revenue?
The start-up budget for a takeover
Exit strategies

9. Value and Risk management
Macro-economics, innovation and the importance of risk management! (1)
What is risk management?
Can risk be expressed in the change of free cash flow?

10. The new organisational structure, leadership and corporate culture for the digital age
Organisational structure
Corporate culture

11. Excellent Operational Implementation

12. Designing a smart business plan
Why a business plan?
Which type of business plan?
Basic structure of a business plan
Last check of your plan
The elevator pitch

13. Epilogue

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        Business strategy through disruption