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From Signal To Evidence


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This book is for aspiring entrepreneurs who are at the brink of launching a business around an innovative idea and are about to sink their life savings, corporate careers and most importantly, their valuable time.

Thanks to the Lean Startup movement there are so many methods, canvases, books and other tools that you’ll need to develop a skill to filter and select them. These are tools to design your business model, work out your idea in more detail, look for strong signals and gather enough evidence to execute on the idea and build a business.

I’ve collated and curated many available tools, blog posts and other resources in this book, which contains our selection of it and our view on when certain books, canvases and tools might come in handy. The book serves as a curated guide to other resources and helps you understand why you’d want to work in this way when you have an idea and you want to turn it into a business. Note that the links in the ebook are clickable and take you to relevant content immediately.

There’s no need to read this book cover-to-cover in order to make use of it. Feel free to pick out of this what you need. Each chapter comes with examples, tips and actions, which can put you on the right track and help you understand which tools, methods and canvasses you can you to get the answers you should be after.


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1 Introduction 3
Getting from signals to evidence 5
How to read this book 11
Acknowledgements 13

2 The actionable starting point 14
Startup against all odds 17
Lean Startup Is no warranty for success 18
Learning by doing 21
The purpose of a startup 23
The business model 30
Prepare yourself for learning 33
Gather a winning team 37

3 Obtaining a learner’s mindset 42
Immerse into your market and industry 43
Learn early, learn often 46
Learn and Confirm 48
Strategy, focus, priorities 49
Testing the right things 58
Learn, Measure, Build 58

4 Turning signals into evidence 66
Source your experiments 71
You’re biased and you don’t even know it 72
Produce actionable learnings 74
Design your experiment 76
Tools for your experiments and minimum viable product 88

5 Learning and iterating 91
Capturing learnings 92
Daisy-chaining your experiments 93
Pivot or persevere 93
Progress reporting 94
Innovation accounting 94
Product/market fit 98
Entrepreneurship as craft 99

6 Experimentation Checklist 101
Calibration 101
Experiment Design 102
Executing the experiments 103
Learning & iterating 104

7 Resource list 106

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        From Signal To Evidence