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Creative Business Map

Design your Business!

Paperback Engels 2016 9789090300603
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This book shows you how to discover and articulate your creative strength in order to analyse your opportunities and chances as a creative professional.

The method is easy to apply, provides a comprehensive overview and encourages action. At the same time, it shows you where you stand right now and what you still need to work on, with the ultimate aim to get your business off the ground while still having fun and with minimum stress.

A perfect practical guideline!

“Entrepreneurship is a creative process.”


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Hoofdrubriek:Algemeen management


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Over Mark Bode

Mark Bode is always working at the intersection of creativity and entrepreneurship. For corporates he uses creativity to innovate; for creatives he uses entrepreneurial skills to increase their impact and improve their business. Many companies are in transition. Artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs have the adaptability and agility to deal with these transitions in a hu- man centered way. With the mindset of a designer and business reality of an entrepreneur, he guides companies through these transitions and helps them innovate. As a lecturer he teaches and develops programs for art schools in entrepreneurship and for business schools in creative thinking. He’s founder and author of the tool, book and platform Creative Business Map and co-founder of design label basematters.

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Over Mark Schotman

Mark Schotman is fascinated by creativity and its relevance today. Is it a new revenue model on itself or is it used by ‘the old economy’ to change in order to improve their competitive strength? Many questions, but bottom line he believes in the power of creatives themselves. Especially in the way they think and how you can optimize their potential. By lecturing at the Willem de Kooning Academy and by coaching creative professionals Mark aims for creativity to contribute to a more purposeful society. He applies his own creative thinking to communi- cation advice for companies and organizations.

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1. Drive
2. What
3. Who
4. How
5. Revenue model
6. Plan and start


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        Creative Business Map