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Protocol to Manage Relationships Today

Modern Relationship Management Based Upon Traditional Values

Paperback Engels 2020 9789463724159
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'Protocol to Manage Relationships Today' explains the contemporary value of protocol, not only for monarchies or diplomatic institutes, but for any non-profit or for-profit organisation. This book presents modern protocol as a tool to build strong, authentic networks of reciprocal relationships.

When used effectively protocol can:
- Increase the effect of the networking activities of an organisation. Protocol gives a professional structure to relationship management, to achieve access to the 'right' networks and a reciprocal relationship with the most valued stakeholders.
- Deepen relationships. In our world there is so much focus on pragmatism in building relationships - protocol focuses on the common ground to gain value.
- Be used as a valuable tool in a post COVID-19 era, where the need for space and time to build real and authentic relationships is well understood.

The book defines how tested values perfectly fit in today's society, where modern organisations want to build effective relationships and communities. This book is focused on developing an increasingly vital expertise for professionals who deal with complex relationship management issues on a strategic and tactical operational level. They come from different fields, such as government institutions, non-profit organisations and commercial environments.

This book also gives protocol officers a contemporary approach towards the application of protocol. It is not designed as a complete guide to all the rules of protocol, but it describes how to translate the context into a tailor-made protocol for each meeting or event.

The book explains protocol as a flexible method to handle unique situations. Protocol is presented on four levels: the 'why' of protocol; the strategic and tactical level; the practical implementation; and the execution of protocol.

'Protocol to Manage Relationships Today' is written by Europe's foremost protocol experts with collective years of experience with the management of networking meetings and events at the highest level.


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Over Jean Paul Wijers

Jean Paul Wijers is directeur en oprichter van het Protocolbureau en het Institute of Strategic Relationship Management. In 1996 studeerde hij af aan de Hotelschool The Hague, het Protocolbureau was toen 1 jaar oud. Tussen 2001 en 2009 werd Jean Paul als hoofd-ushers ingeschakeld door de Ceremoniemeester van Koningin Beatrix op de Koninklijke Huwelijken, Staatsbegrafenissen en Koninklijke Dopen.

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Foreword by Ella Robertson, Managing Director, One Young World
How to read this book

Chapter 1: Understanding why protocol is crucial in building strong, authentic networks of reciprocal relationships
1.1 The nature of relationships and networks The crisis as a litmus test for your relationship management: interview with Jean Paul Wijers and Bengt-Arne Hulleman, by Carla van Elst
1.2 Understanding protocol
1.3 The rules of protocol: creating community
1.4 The symbolic side of protocol: the story
1.5 Balancing between modernity and tradition
1.6 Protocol in the twenty-first century
1.7 Breaking the rules

Chapter 2: Developing a strategic framework for successful application of protocol
2.1 Formulating relational goals as a starting point of a strategic framework for successful application of protocol
2.1.1 Networking vision
2.1.2 Relationship management goal
2.2 Which stakeholders and which networks to focus on?
2.2.1 Mapping stakeholders to obtain an overview
2.2.2 An analysis: who are our most valued stakeholders?
2.2.3 Developing a networking events calendar: which stakeholders and networks will be seen at what occasion Highly detailed client profiles are the basis of meaningful client journeys to create strong brand ambassadors, by former Protocolbureau usher Stan van Boxtel
2.3 How the protocol department supports the organisation’s relationship management and networking activities
2.3.1 The role of a protocol department to coordinate the relationship management
2.3.2 Developing a networking toolkit: supporting the networkers Build relationships online or offline?, by Rutger Bremer Relationship management in the age of big data and artificial intelligence: CRM transformation, from database to virtual assistant, by former Protocolbureau usher Rik van der Woerdt

Chapter 3: The practical implementation of protocol: staging effective high-level networking meetings and events
3.1 The method of protocol
3.1.1 Step 1: understanding the context
3.1.2 Step 2: determining the rank of the stakeholders
3.1.3 Step 3: developing your own tailor-made protocol
3.2 Precedence
3.2.1 National lists of precedence
3.2.2 Other rules to determine the rank or precedence of officials
3.2.3 Rules to determine the rank or precedence among equals
3.2.4 Rules to determine the rank or precedence at international and multilateral organisations
3.2.5 Rules to determine the rank outside government organisations
3.2.6 Exceptions
3.2.7 How to use the rules of precedence to determine the rank or precedence at your meeting or event Is society slowly reopening? Can we carefully organise events again?: interview with Jean Paul Wijers and Bengt-Arne Hulleman, by Carla van Elst
3.3 The application of protocol: the rules of protocol
3.3.1 Guest list: who to invite?
3.3.2 Invitations: how can you make sure they will attend? Event software: friend or foe?, by Rutger Bremer
3.3.3 Design of the programme: how to make sure the event allows for the ‘right’ meetings to take place?
3.3.4 Networkers’ support: how to support the networkers?
3.3.5 Staging encounters: how to make sure the ‘right’ people will actually meet?
3.3.6 Measuring results: how to determine if our goals have been reached?
3.3.7 Example of the application of the rules of protocol: working with echelons
3.4 The application of protocol: the symbolic value of protocol String of pearls, by Meike Ziegler Distancing, ceremonies, deconfinement … and protocol, by François
3.5 Managing complex seating

Chapter 4: The execution of protocol by professional protocol officers
4.1 To tell the story of Protocolbureau is to tell the story of our ushers: our own protocol officers
4.2 Making sure the right people meet: protocol officers in charge of supporting the networking function of events Nelson Mandela at the Four Freedoms Awards ceremony in 2002, by former Protocolbureau usher Alexandre Kanji
4.2.1 Arranging introductions and coordinating greeting procedures ‘Directed spontaneity’ is the key!, by former Protocolbureau usher Egmont Philips
4.2.2 Welcoming your most important stakeholder as a VIP Protocol ensures that everyone present feels comfortable and is treated with respect, by former Protocolbureau usher Isabelle Swinkels
4.2.3 Escorting a high-level delegation
4.2.4 Coordinating the arrival, seating and departure of the guests
4.2.5 Providing assistance at a conference Protocol sets the framework for social relationships, by former Protocolbureau usher Tijmen Struijk
4.3 Making sure people can meet in the right atmosphere: the soft skills of the protocol officer
4.3.1 The soft skills specifically needed in the work as protocol officer
4.3.2 The protocol officer: a skilled networker
4.3.3 Dress Help I Sexted My Boss
4.3.4 Non-verbal communication/deportment Protocol is a valuable medium to accomplish the networking goals of an event, by former Protocolbureau usher Sarah van den Hul
4.3.5 At the dining table Protocol has taught me that life is fluid and not to accept things as a given, by former Protocolbureau usher Jeroen Koks
4.3.6 Online etiquette

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