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A guide to career transformation

The art of restarting

Paperback Engels 2023 9789493277878
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When discussing office work, have you noticed that we don't like our job, company, boss, or all of the above? We try to make a transition but run into the same issues. Same sh!t, different place. So, we are stuck, stuck in our career, stuck in our search, stuck in our minds on what to do next. After all these years of studying and working hard for the company, we plateaued for many reasons. Lost in our professional career and purpose.

This book helps you to find your core strength and career focus, be it your next top job or becoming an entrepreneur. In straightforward an to-the-point language, it provides hands-on guidance to make your transformation happen.

- How you will get a deep insight into your strength and capacities
- How you can prepare for an exit (which most of your colleagues never do)
- How you can expand your career opportunities
- How you build a competitive advantage by smart planning
- How you can start your side hustle while stille being paid in your regular job
- How you build a smart business in a short period


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1. Status Quo
Uncontrollable Factors Impacting Your Company And Your Career
COVID Impact On The (Global) Economy
Uncertainty And Volatility Are Rampant
A Changing Online World Order
Zoom, And Your Job Is Gone

2. Let's Get Personal, Shall We?
Who I Am? Who Am I?
What Am I?
Why Am I?

3. So, I am Exiting, Now What?
The Unexpected Exit
The Expected 'It Was Bound To Happen Someday' Exit
The Self-Imposed Exit

4. And Now, It’s Time For Something Completely Different
Hedging your career opportunities
Personal career transformation
Diversify your career potential portfolio

5. Five-steps How to make the transition happen
Establishing the right mindset
Pinpointing your goals
Embrace the financial element in your life
Create leverage; get help from those that can guide you rapidly
Review, adapt and adjust

Final note
The next steps
About the Author

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        A guide to career transformation