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The Art of Employee Engagement

How to inspire emotional commitment to your organization and its goals

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Introducing the 5 principles of the Engagement Method

Do you contribute your best work because you want to, or because you have to? Sadly, too many people spend the majority of their professional lives in jobs they dislike and merely motivated by a necessity to make ends meet.

In The Art of Employee Engagement – how to inspire emotional commitment to your organization and its goals, author and HR Director Marijn van Faassen introduces his Engagement Method: “You can’t make employees engaged, much like in personal relationships you can’t make somebody love you. What you can do is set the scene.”

The five-step Engagement Method is a structured and practical approach to boost employee engagement and transform organizations at the same time. Research shows an increase in productivity, innovation and profitability, as well as a decrease in absenteeism and attrition, are some of the proven results of employee engagement.

'The Art of Employee Engagement' inspires HR professionals and business leaders with tools to help organizations thrive, by unleashing the passion in day-to-day routines.


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Over Marijn van Faassen

Marijn van Faassen is an expert in Employee Engagement, who’s experience in People, Culture and Behaviours spans nearly two decades. He holds degrees in Business, Psychology and is a certified trainer in behavioural science. Employee Engagement is his lifelong passion and study, which he has applied through the profession of HR with a diversity of international organisations. Marijn and his family live in The Hague (NL). 'The Art of Employee Engagement' is his first book.

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Ask yourself a bigger question 11

-Is This It? 12
-This Is It 13
-Your Work 13

Employee Engagement: 15
How to attract, retain, and motivate employees

How to Facilitate Engagement 17

The Engagement Method 21
Five principles to inspire emotional commitment to your organization and its goals

1. Purpose: 23
Without purpose, why bother?

-Purpose Is Good for Business 24
-Purpose Solves Real Problems 26
-The Relevance of Purpose Over Time 28
-Purpose Is Personal 30
-(Re) Defining Your Company’s Purpose 31
-(Re) Defining Purpose 32
-Purpose Captures “Identity” and Guides
-“Decision-Making” 35
-Purpose, Goals, and Strategies 35
-Bringing Purpose into Practice 36
-Reflective Questions 39

2. Connection: 41
Why connection matters

-Character Means You Walk the Talk 42
-Connection & Engagement 44
-Collective Behavior = Company Character 47
-Company Character: Will the Way We Do Things
-Get Us Where We Want to Go? 49
-Individual Behavior: Why We Do What We Do 51
-Company Habits 54
-The “Source Code” of Habits 55
-Finally: How to Get Character to Support Purpose 58
-What Does All of This Mean for You and Me? 64
-Reflective Questions 65

3. Contribution: 67
How your day-to-day matters

-Engagement Method Principles Summary 68
-The Significance of Contribution 71
-Clarity on “Contribution” 72
-Why Day-to-day Matters 74
-Contribution & Interdependence 75
-How to Introduce Contribution 77
-Team Purpose & Connection 78
-Contribution in Practice 80
-How to Capture and Evaluate Contribution 82
-Reinforcing Contribution 91
-Reflective Questions 92

4. Recognition: 93
What gets rewarded, gets done

-Recognition & the Dissatisfier Called Money 94
-The Power of Recognition 97
-Recognition & Engagement 100
-Recognition = Appreciation + Expectation 101
-Recognition Does Not Care About “Hierarchy” 103
-Three Key Elements to Get Recognition Right 105
-The Secret to Implementing Recognition 108
-Personal Leadership: The Pursuit of “Gratitude” 110
-Choose Your Thoughts Carefully 113
-Autopilot vs. Taking Control 114
-Look on the Bright Side 116
-Growth: The Final Ingredient 117
-Reflective Questions 118

5 Growth: 119
People growth leads to organizational innovation

-No Survival Without Growth 120
-Growth and Recognition 122
-Growth & the Engagement Method 123
-Growth terminology 125
-Growth and Operational Workforce Planning 126
-Growth and Strategic Workforce Planning 127
-I used to be a talent, but not anymore 128
-Practical and Theoretical Growth 130
-Personal Leadership: Finding your Passion 134
-Facilitating the Engagement Method 137
-Reflective Questions 138

Leadership 139
How to facilitate engagement

-Leadership and Management 140
-Leadership in Each of the Five Engagement
-Principles 142
-Finally, the Intangibles of Leadership 147
-Trust to Inspire Creative Thinking 147
-Trust Requires Courage 148
-Building Trust 151
-Who Can You Trust? 152

Thank you 157
Marijn van Faassen 159
Symbol on the cover 159

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