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No-Nonsense Leadership

How to Become an Effective Leader, Manager and Coach

E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2019 9789492004819
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Often find yourself explaining to your employees how they should do their jobs? Tend to duck difficult conversations? Sometimes at a loss when trying to deal with complaining, quarrelling, or underachieving employees? Need some guidance on how to support employees who want to develop?

There are plenty of books and theories about leadership. What these rarely describe, though, is HOW to manage effectively.

This book fills that void.
'No-Nonsense Leadership' helps you adopt a confident, coaching leadership style. Coaching leadership is a surprisingly effective leadership style. Your employees will take more responsibility, allowing you more time and energy for important management tasks. This book helps you recognize and bypass your reflexes and pitfalls, and teaches you coaching skills and easy-to-use conversation techniques. The practical pointers and countless real-life examples in this book enable you to immediately put it all into practice. You will soon notice that you are getting more out of your people – and out of yourself.

‘Instantly applicable in my day-to-day work. Highly relatable and a must-read for any manager who wants to save time and get the most out of themselves and their team'- Joris Herremans, Manager Digital Grandvision Benelux

‘This book is an engaging combination of self-reflection and useful stepping stones’ - Hugo de Koning, founder Young Capital


Aantal pagina's:160
Uitgever:Warden Press


Wees de eerste die een lezersrecensie schrijft!

Over Nadia van der Vlies

Nadia van der Vlies is (samen met Anne de Jong) eigenaar van opleidingsinstituut NONONS. Ze was manager bij diverse organisaties. Ze ontwikkelt leiderschapsprogramma’s en traint leidinggevenden in het gebruik van de coachende mindset om effectiever leiding te geven.

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1 No-Nonsense Leadership
1.1 Mature Leadership
1.2 The Mature Model in Communication
1.3 The Mother, the Macho, and the Mole
1.4 Dealing with Needs for Help
1.5 Summary

2 Leadership Skills
2.1 Situational Leadership
2.2 Taking Ownership
2.3 Keeping Your Eye on the Bigger Picture
2.4 Conversation Skills for Mature Leadership
2.5 Summary

3 Leader, Manager, Coach
3.1 The Roles of Leader, Manager, and Coach
3.2 Summary

4 Leader
4.1 Leader: Conveys the Mission, Vision, and Strategy
4.2 Leader: Knows and Shares the Company’s Values
4.3 Leader: Motivates and Inspires
4.4 Summary

5 Manager
5.1 Manager: Translates Vision into Goals
5.2 Manager: Monitors and Reviews Results and Behavior
5.3 Manager: Assesses and Adjusts
5.4 Summary

6 Coach
6.1 Coach: Encourages Others to Find Their Own Solutions
6.2 Coach: Facilitates the Development of Others(Who Are Not Aware of the Coaching Need)
6.3 Coach: Facilitates the Development of Others(Who Are Aware of the Coaching Need)
6.4 Summary

7 Reflexes
7.1 What are Reflexes?
7.2 Common Intervention Reflexes in Leadership
7.3 Intervention as a Choice Instead of a Reflex
7.4 How to Deal With These (Sometimes Awkward) Reflexes
7.5 Summary

8 Tricky Situations
8.1 Transactional Analysis
8.2 TA in Interaction
8.3 A Passive Employee
8.4 A Defiant Employee
8.5 A Moaning Employee
8.6 A Popular But Underachieving Employee
8.7 A Poorly Performing Employee
8.8 A Top-Performing Employee
8.9 A Sickly Employee
8.10 A Stressed Employee
8.11 An Emotional Employee
8.12 Quarreling Employees
8.13 Handling Your Own (Difficult) Manager
8.14 Summary

Bonus 1: The Truisms of No-Nonsense Leadership
1. To reflect = to learn
2. TheAnswer to most questions is ‘let’s talk about it’
3. If you have something to say, say it; if you have something to ask, ask it
4. If you work hard, the other won’t have to
5. New behavior is acquired by doing, doing, and doing

Bonus 2: Glossary

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        No-Nonsense Leadership