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Joy Works: Empowering Teams in the New Era of Work

Gebonden Engels 2022 9781119988052
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Joy at work—why settle for anything less?

In Joy Works: Empowering Teams in the New Era of Work, Alex Liu delivers an engaging blueprint for ensuring people feel safe and inspired at work. Liu, the managing partner and chairman of Kearney, asks, "Why would we settle for anything less than joy at work?" In the book, you'll find a step-by-step action plan for approaching joy at work using the three key drivers that determine employee happiness—people, praise, and purpose—and learn how to implement that plan for maximum results and maximum joy.

The author demonstrates how to create more joy for your people at work, in both virtual and in-person environments, as well as how to incorporate joyfulness even in periods of dramatically heightened stress. He calls on his years of conversations with leaders around the world, both as an advisor to executives and through his popular podcast, Joy@Work. Readers will learn from a diverse collection of leaders, from psychologists, academics, athletes, nonprofit and board leaders, and a Broadway producer, to leaders at companies including HPE, Cisco, T-Mobile, SAP, and UPS.

In the dialogues and research, readers will also find:
- An introduction to "ikigai," a Japanese concept meaning "reason for being"—a framework we can all use to find joy and meaning in our work
- An investigation into the link between social justice and joy, using conversations with leaders who have committed to making social progress a priority
- A new perspective on how the next generation will view joy at work, the Great Reflection, and the shifting balance of power in work cultures
- In-depth discussions about people, purpose, and praise: the three key elements in building a joyful work experience
- A call for more reflective leadership—a new approach to power leaders through uncertain and challenging times

Joy Works is an essential handbook for anyone who wants to create more joy in their work — the leaders who want to shift corporate cultures, managers who are facing pressures to innovate, young people who are adamant that they can have a life and a career that's centered around joy and meaning, and anyone who thinks "joy at work" is a near-term possibility, not an oxymoron. This guide to the changing reality and opportunity of work belongs in the libraries of anyone interested in creating a more engaging and productive virtual, hybrid, or in-person workspace.

Let's build more joy.


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Over Alex Liu

Alex Liu is Managing Partner and Chairman at Kearney, a leading global consulting partnership. Recognized by Consulting magazine as a global Top 25 Consultant and by the Global Diversity List as one of the Top 10 Senior Executives, he is also a top-ranked consulting CEO and trusted advisor to CEOs and boards. A regular contributor to the World Economic Forum, he has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, The Financial Times, The Economist, CNBC, and Bloomberg. He regularly consults with business and public sector leaders on matters of leadership, culture, justice, and joy, and hosts an award-winning podcast, Joy@Work.

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Foreword [to come]
Why joy matters to me
Joy at work
People, praise, and purpose
Joy, justice, and a better world
The future of joy at work
Who you’ll hear from in this book
Who this book is for

Chapter 1: Making the Business Case for Joy
Joy is your biggest business opportunity
Joy powers execution
Joy is critical for all kinds of business
Joy is the foundation for all other business metrics

Chapter 2: What the Research Tells Us About Joy
The joy gap is real
The joy gap is growing
We know what triggers joy at work
We know what’s holding us back from joy

SECTION ONE: The Three Drivers of Joy at Work
Chapter 3: People
Create belonging: it matters more than money
Create connection points
Be a people-focused leader
Think like a gardener and create “human magic”
Case study: How Best Buy doubled down on “human magic”

Chapter 4: Praise
Praise autonomous work
Pair praise with feedback
Focus on the quality of praise, not the quantity
Praise individuals, not just groups
Encourage people to show appreciation for their colleagues
Use praise to underscore impact

Chapter 5: Purpose
Understand your ikigai (a reason for being)
Find your zest
Rethink the corporate purpose statement
Mind the gap
Personalize purpose
Case study: How two companies think about purpose

SECTION TWO: Joy in a Post-2020 World: How to Create More Joy
Chapter 6: Joy in the Hard Times
Embrace change
Accept that failure is inevitable
Acknowledge your mistakes and get real
Have the courage to be a beginner
Take time to reflect
Double down on purpose
Keep chasing your goosebumps

Chapter 7: Safe, Seen, Supported, Inspired
Case study: Measuring joy as a business metric

Chapter 8: Virtual and Hybrid Work
Be aware of how remote work is different than in-person work
Make conscious decisions about where you’ll work
Find new ways to build connection
Rethink how you measure performance
Stay open to change

Chapter 9: Social Justice and Joy
Joy and justice for all
How do we push “social justice” into the mainstream of business?
Hope for the future

SECTION THREE: What’s Next for Joy at Work?
Chapter 10: The Joy of Innovation
Leapfrog your legacy
Look for new ideas in unexpected places
Stay at the edge
Empower people to innovate
Look at purpose through the lens of innovation

Chapter 11: The Next Generation of Joy at Work
Pass the baton
Join the “Great Resignation”—or is it the “Great Reflection”?
Shift the balance of power
Keep your promises
Put your values into action
Make culture a non-negotiable
Rethink old tradeoffs
Accept change as a constant


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        Joy Works: Empowering Teams in the New Era of Work