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Manage Your Project Portfolio

Paperback Engels 2016 9781680501759
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You have too many projects, and firefighting and multitasking are keeping you from finishing any of them. You need to manage your project portfolio. This fully updated and expanded bestseller arms you with agile and lean ways to collect all your work and decide which projects you should do first, second, and never.

See how to tie your work to your organization's mission and show your managers, your board, and your staff what you can accomplish and when. Picture the work you have, and make those difficult decisions, ensuring that all your strength is focused where it needs to be. All your projects and programs make up your portfolio.

But how much time do you actually spend on your projects, and how much time do you spend on emergency fire drills or waste through multitasking? This book gives you insightful ways to rank all the projects you're working on and figure out the right staffing and schedule so projects get finished faster. The trick is adopting lean and agile approaches to projects, whether they're software projects, projects that include hardware, or projects that depend on chunks of functionality from other suppliers. Find out how to define the mission of your team, group, or department, with none of the buzzwords that normally accompany a mission statement.

Armed with the work and the mission, you'll manage your portfolio better and make those decisions that define the true leaders in the organization. With this expanded second edition, discover how to scale project portfolio management from one team to the entire enterprise, and integrate Cost of Delay when ranking projects. Additional Kanban views provide even more ways to visualize your portfolio.


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Henny Portman | 24 oktober 2017
Johanna Rothman wrote the book Manage your portfolio Second edition – Increase your capacity – Finish more projects. A book for the more professional portfolio manager or as mentioned on the back of the book: Expert skill level.If you are facing too many projects, if firefighting and multitasking are keeping you from finishing any of them, this book will help you to manage your portfolio.Lees verder


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Foreword by Ron Jeffries
Foreword by Time Lister

1. Meet your project portfolio
2. See your future
3. Create the first draft of your portfolio
4. Evaluate your projects
5. Rank the portfolio
6. Collaborate on the portfolio
7. Iterate on the portfolio
8. Make portfolio decisions
9. Visualize your project portfolio
10. Scaling portfolio management to an enterprise
11. Evolve your portfolio
12. Measure the essentials
13. Define your mission
14. Start somewhere...but start

Appendix 1: Glossary


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        Manage Your Project Portfolio