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The integrity of power

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E-book Epub met watermerkbeveiliging Engels 2016 9789492004345
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We cannot avoid power; it pervades our life, from childhood into old age. We can feel powerless, or all-powerful. We can love power, or hate it. As long as we remain unaware of our own relationship with power, we are relinquishing a great deal of it because power always affects us, whether we are aware of it or not. The purpose of this book is to increase insight into what power is and how it works, and to encourage a greater awareness of the significance of power in our life and work. Self-knowledge helps us avoid being manacled by the many temptations of power. Anyone who eschews the responsibility of power makes himself smaller than he is, while a person who indulges excessively in power loses himself.

In this book, Oscar David, an organisation psychologist and boardroom consultant, relates stories, often very personal ones, and draws from his abundant experience in his search for the many elements that make up power. He also introduces a new model of power. In addition to power 1.0, based on our primeval instincts to take charge, and power 2.0, which is all about control and regulations, there is power 3.0: exercising power with integrity.

'Power is the great taboo of organisations - and of relationships - yet it is probably one of the major factors in our well-being in life and work. Oscar David brings a truly unique perspective as a business consultant and coach, combining these narratives with gripping personal stories to this central ingredient of human relationships.'

Ian Robertson, Professor of Psychology, Trinity College, Dublin. His books include 'The Winner Effect: How Power Affects Your Brain' and 'Mind Sculpture: Unleashing Your Brain's Potential'.


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Over Oscar David

Oscar David (1965) is organisatiepsycholoog, executive coach, adviseur en spreker op het gebied van leiderschap en verandering. De afgelopen 25 jaar begeleidde hij leiders en professionals in de top van een groot aantal internationale ondernemingen, ministeries en andere overheidsorganisaties en zorginstellingen.

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Stories about power
Duin & Kruidberg
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1. The world of power
Characteristics of power
Power and power struggles
Power and corruption
Power an leadership
Let sleeping dogs lie

2. In search of power
Bob takes charge
Father, mother and power
Shell and power
The importance of coalitions
Power within the Binnenhof

3. Three types of power
Power 1.0 - Survival of the fittest and the law
of the strongest
Power 2.0 – Checks and balances
Power 3.0 – Integrity-based power
Hierarchic models

4. Affected by power
Walking with my father
Uncle van Heerde's courage
Professor Cleveringa's speech
The King of Denmark and SS General Werner Best
Federal Chancellor Merkel

5.From powerlessness to strength
From power over to power to ...
Frustration and hate
Power and hate
The fly
The caged lion

6. Power and the brain
Neuroscience and the brain
The influence of the limbic brain
Attachment theory
Tackling ageing
Emotional intelligence
Connections and the limbic brain
Listen with your heart
Loyalty and injury
Mandela and forgiveness
Purifying our heart

7. Power and addiction
The Wolf of Wall Street
How power affects the brain
Dopamine and adrenalin
The desire for more
Loss of empathy
Wimbledon, the perfect prey and the World Economic Forum
Alcohol and superego

8. Power and sex
On a business trip
The affair
Sex, power and BDSM
Overplaying a hand

9. Power and omnipotence
The Holy of Holies
A leader's power
Power and overconfidence
Andrew Cohen
Qi Gong

10. Power and less power
‘Your secretary is now mine’
Golden chains and the leashed elephant
‘If you don't do as I say, I will break your career’
Less powerful in the world of medicine
Infused with power
Power, resistance and confidence

11. Power and ego
The power of our subconscious
Ego and essence
Personality development
Defence mechanisms
The power of the past
Interrupted reaching out
The power of our superego
Dealing with our superego
The power to be yourself

12. Ego addiction
You get accustomed to power
Idealisation and positive transference
Addicted to narcissism
Narcissistic supplies
Heineken and supplies
Power and personality structure
Narcissistic leaders
Schizoid leaders
Borderline leaders

13. Power and the other party
Object relations
Object constancy
Today is today
Three object relations
The central object relation
The yummy-but-frustrating object relation
The rejecting object relation
Projection, transference and counter-transference
Projective identification

14. Power and motivation
McCelland and motivation
Motives according to Pink
The enneagram
The enneagram and power
Nine levels of development

15. Power, money and conscience
The crossroads
Cognitive dissonance
Dirty money is fun
The tobacco industry and cognitive dissonance
Power and loyalty
Hannah Arendt, Bert Hellinger and conscience
Conscience, dilemmas and reconciliation
Power and The City
Trends in wealth and power

16. A blueprint of power
The Great Dictator
The Trêvezaal (Room of Treaties
Power and constellations
The contribution of organisation constellations
A week of constellations
Bilderberg People and the fourth power
The power of the environment
Helplessness in the board room

17. Power to us all
Open Space Technology
Open Space in charge
The talking stick
Here comes everybody
Playing with money

18. Power and reflection
Reflecting on power
Inquiry in teams
Sport and reflection
Customised reflection

19. Power and feedback
A week's worth of feedback
24/7 the boss

20. The power of catharsis
The detour
Proof of Heaven
The mountain tour
From crisis to catharsis
The sun dance
The flame of Siddhartha

21. The source of power
Dealer in applied wisdom
Power and source
Summoning power
Nature as source of power
Basic trust
The source's shadow

22. Power's compass
I have a dream
Vision quest
Cutting and pasting
Hungary and the emerging future
The entrepreneur and the lifter
Power and responsibility
Walk your talk

23. Integrity-based power
Three types of power
‘Know yourself’
Lessons in power
Power and integrity

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        The integrity of power